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2 Channel Video-Installation


Commissioned by KADIST


Cross-Pollinated is part of the Trilogy: Locus of Power in which Doğrusöz since 2017 examines the culture as well as the economic and political history of the ancient city Dura-Europos located near Deir ez-Zor (Syria). He borrows documentation of archeological excavations of the site and the objects that were unearthed and distorts the colors into highly saturated hues. He compiles fragmentary clips of information, including from the archive of the Cold War-era Corona space telescope, to create what he described as “a proto-fictional space” that allows him to “unfold all the elements about Dura-Europos that are not at the core of narratives, or used for soft power by many countries in their relationship to war, civilization projects, and as political propaganda.”


In the course of the project, he shifted his own ways of thinking about Dura-Europos from a geographical site, of objects in an environment, to that of a place—a culturally constructed space in which people dwelled and that is interconnected with other cities and the region, including, for example, the 21st-century water policies of Turkey which has dammed the Euphrates upstream and shifted resource availability in the whole region, contributing to the Syrian uprising in 2011.The artist  here expands his research by pointing out the issues of water politics and energy resources, reclamation, urbanization, wars, systematic looting and deliberate destruction, which all are decisive for the present-day conditions of the region.

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