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2 Channel Video-Installation


Commissioned by DEPO Istanbul 


On January 24, 1994 at 21:37:00 UTC Turkey launched its first spacecraft into space at the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. However, the spacecraft failed to reach orbit as it fell into the ocean due a malfunction 12 minutes and 12 seconds after the lift-off. In this new commission, Doğrusöz retraces the accounts of an event during Turkey’s darkest decade in a video installation entitled 12 minutes 12 seconds. Doğrusöz brings together distinct bodies of material from newsreel footage of French and Turkish state footage into a visual and sonic narrative. The film weaves together text, images and sound into a digital composition that drifts between socio-economic and political history. The work attempts to draw relationships between seemingly disparate elements present in the composition to shed light on the ways in which this ‘dark’ era in Turkish history has been perceived and understood.


The work was commissioned for the exhibition: When the Present is History which surveys the works of art concerned with historical records that cross over not only with memory and the past, but also the present experience. The work urges us to remember and uncover hidden stories by excavating and unearthing, but also revitalizing and reconstructing.

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